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Math Learning Institute, Inc. (MLI) offers professional development opportunities for educators and corporate employees in the areas of mathematical preparation, technology and data analysis. Founded in 2001 by an applied mathematician with extensive experience, MLI's mission is to provide a comprehensive approach to mathematical application and technological instruction. Approaches are developed both on the basis of already existing approaches (hybrid) and completely new, buy book report at https://specialessays.com/buy-book-reports/ to understand why we create new points in research and teaching.

MLI's commitment to providing quality teacher training focuses on helping educators evaluate student data to drive classroom instruction. Through an extensive individualized analysis of information, MLI serves educators by evaluating curriculum and program design, formulating appropriate instructional goals and objectives, and helping to better enhance student performance on standardized examinations.

MLI offers training in math and technology to business employees through specialized workshops and corporate seminars. MLI is committed to providing math and technology services to increase global and technical readiness in the 21st century.

Advisory Board

Math Learning Institute, Inc.'s advisory board is comprised of professionals in the education and technical industries. Advisory board members offer expertise in a variety of areas and add to MLI's targeted and committed approach to providing extensive quality professional development.

Richard M. Charles, M.S.
Applied Mathematics

President & CEO
Math Learning Institute
Aurora, Colorado
Donna Auguste
President & CEO
Leave a Little Room Foundation
Broomfield, Colorado
Sadie M. Brown
Former Principal
Pinellas County School District
Largo, Florida
Seymour Brown, Jr. , Ed.D.
Former Assistant Superintendent
Pinellas County School District
Largo, Florida
James H. Curry, Ph.D.
Professor of Applied Mathematics
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
Ms. Helen Hendricks
Retired Counselor
City University of N.Y./Queens College
Queens, New York
Scott Turek, Ph.D.
Senior Project Engineer
Raytheon Company
Aurora, Colorado
Robert L. Joseph, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Officer
Math Learning Institute
Atlanta, Georgia

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