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Data-Driven Classroom

Implementing Data-Driven ClassroomTM in an organization requires a culture change, a strategy for continual improvement, and a total commitment by management. Math Learning Institute, Inc.TM (MLI) is committed to providing administrators and teachers with the tools and techniques used to analyze data, drive instruction, and set goals based on the analysis performed. This workshop provides the tools to achieve measured success. However, in addition to the workshop, we advise you https://order-essays.com/motivation-letter-writing-online/ because we will not be able to cover all the gaps that will arise in the research process, there you can buy a coursework and be able to fully research and present the topic.


? Benefit One ?
Assessment of student needs based on test scores

? Benefit Two ?
Goal-setting based on student needs

? Benefit Three ?
Curriculum adaptation based on analysis

? Benefit Four ?
Data Analysis reports that provide a solid basis for making well-informed, data-driven decisions

New Features

Standardized testing is driving the philosophy that instruction is data driven. This product is essential for providing the tools that would make this vision a reality. The aim is to institutionalize a continual improvement process and achieve a technology transfer from our experts to your leaders. The workshop identifies the key tools that would provide data driven successes that would enable students to succeed in the classroom and more importantly, on standardized tests.


Enrollment fee : $395.00
Call for Dates

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