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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • What is GradeWrite?

Simply put, GradeWrite is the premiere gradebook program which allows users to create standards-based gradebooks, regular(traditional) gradebooks or hybrid gradebooks. GradeWrite offers users the ability to keep track of the standards covered in a class and the ability to analyze data through the use of the Analysis Lab.

  • Can I use GradeWrite as my main gradebook?
  • Absolutely. GradeWrite was designed to be used in the classroom in conjunction with assignments. Designers felt that the most effective way of doing this would be to have GradeWrite be centered around a gradebook.

  • Will I be able to use GradeWrite and its Analysis Lab?
  • Absolutely. GradeWrite was completely designed by educators for educators. During the design process, 'ease of use' was the leading factor in incorporating features. GradeWrite is designed to be used by all teachers. The statistical concepts are intuitive and easy to follow.

  • Can I enter my own standards into GradeWrite?
  • Yes. Not only can you enter your own standards in GradeWrite, but once entered, you can save them to a file and load them onto other machines. In this way, there is no duplication of effort.

  • Can I use my state's standards in GradeWrite?
  • Absolutely. In fact, GradeWrite is capable of accessing the standards of all 50 states.

  • Can I keep track of the standards that have been covered in my class?
  • Yes. GradeWrite allows users to keep track by un-highlighting a standard once it has been covered.

  • Can I tie standards to assignments in GradeWrite?
  • Yes. One of the main features of GradeWrite is its ability to tie standards to each individual assignment.

  • Can I print out standards reports in GradeWrite?
  • Absolutely. GradeWrite has a number of reports that are available to users. For example, you can print a report that identifies each standard along with the name and number of assignments that addressed a particular standard. You can also print a report that gives each assignment and the standards that are tied to them.

  • Can I assign weights to grades in GradeWrite?
  • Absolutely. GradeWrite allows users to set up different assignment categories and assign weights for each category that a grade falls under. By selecting the "Edit Categories" button users can create and edit categories and assign weights to each category.

  • Does GradeWrite allow me to take attendance?
  • Version 2.0 of GradeWrite does offer users the ability to keep track of attendance.

  • Can I create and store lesson plans?
  • Version 2.0 of GradeWrite does allow users to create store and retrieve lesson plans.

  • My license key does not work. Am I doing something wrong?
  • When inputting your license key, be sure to place in the login field your e-mail address as you entered it during the purchasing process. In cases where a large number of licenses are distributed, check with your GradeWrite administrator for information about what to input into the login field.

  • Can GradeWrite run on a PC and Mac?
  • Absolutely. GradeWrite was completely designed to work on PC and Mac operating systems. The user interface on both systems is exactly the same. This means that once you become familiar with the button locations and functions, you won't have to re-learn an interface when you move to another platform.

  • I've created students for my class but I don't see them in the class. What do I do?
  • Once students have been created in GradeWrite, you will need to enroll them into your class. Click on 'Edit Class Roll' in the upper menu and you can add students by simply clicking the '+' signs.

  • What questions can an instructor answer when using the analysis lab?
  • There are a number of questions that the five analysis lab tools allow users to answer. They are as follows:
  • What is the distribution of scores?
  • What percentage of my students have achieved a proficiency level?
  • What patterns are there in the assignment scores?
  • Was any item too difficult or easy?
  • Is it time to move to the next topic?
  • Can I use one assignment to predict the performance of another assignment?

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