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GradeWrite Official Pilot Program Page

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About The Program
The GradeWrite Pilot program is an opportunity for selected school districts to use GradeWrite products at a significantly reduced rate in exchange for shared experiences while using the products. GradeWrite is the premier grade-book program incorporating data analysis tools, attendance, lesson-planning, standards tracking, along with many other state of the art features. GradeWrite was designed for teachers by teachers.

How does a School District or University Apply?
School districts and Higher Education Institutions can go online to https://mathlearningi.com/gwppApplication.php . Once on the site, users can click on the 'Register' link to fill out and submit an application. Once an application has been received by our staff, a GradeWrite representative will contact you with further information and logistics of the trial.

Can Individual Teachers Apply for the Pilot Discount?
Individual teachers are able to apply for the Pilot Discount providing they have at least 5 teachers at their site willing to take part in the trial.

How Long Does the Pilot Program Last?
The GradeWrite Pilot Program is available in terms of 1 quarter, 1 semester, or 1 year. These time frames allow users to truly incorporate the GradeWrite philosophy into their everyday routine while providing our staff with valuable user information.

What If I Have Problems with GradeWrite?
Support for GradeWrite is available 24 hours a day. Users can click on the 'Feedback' button at the bottom of every page in order to provide our staff with any issues or concerns. In addition, calling our toll free number (800) 988-6284 ext. 702 would give you direct access to our support staff.

What are the Requirements for my District?
In order to qualify for the Pilot Program, each district needs to identify a single individual as a GradeWrite representative. This individual will be responsible for managing any requests from trial participants and will serve as the liason to Math Learning Insitute's Support Department. In addition, the individual will be responsible for managing the School District's Message Board at Math Learning Institute.

How Can I Share my GradeWrite Experience With Other Teachers?
Everyone taking part in the GradeWrite Pilot Program will have a Message Board set up on the Math Learning Institute web site. Users can post messages to the Message Board in order to share their experience with GradeWrite.

Are There any Other Requirements ?
Yes. The program requires users to administer a Pre and Post test to students in order to keep track of the impact of GradeWrite on student achievement data.

For further information, visit our web site at https://mathlearningi.com/GradeWritePilot.com or call us at our toll free number 1(800) 988-6284 or contact us via email at [email protected]

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