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Revolutionary Software Gives Educators Tools to Manage Standards

Educational Software Product Designed to Change how K-12 and Training Organizations Manage their Classrooms.

Aurora, COLOSeptember 22, 2003 Colorado-based Math Learning Institute, Inc., a leading provider of data workshops for educators, today announced the release of GradeWrite 1.2, the first in a line of several new products geared to support educators. This cross-platform, Mac and PC-based, software is unique in combining grade-book functionality, standards management, and data analysis tools.

Earlier this year, the company teamed with Atlanta-based VizMotion, Inc. in order to leverage rapid-development expertise. "We are delighted with the release of our first product. We firmly believe that the education arena has a tremendous need for high quality, reliable software solutions which give teachers more time to do what they do best," said Richard Charles, President and CEO of Math Learning Institue, Inc. "With the current requirements of the 'No Child Left Behind' legislation, teachers need support if they are to succeed in using data to make decisions about curriculum, instruction and assessments."

Charles, himself a licensed educator, believes that there is a disparity between the tasks teachers are now required to perform and the skill set required to perform them. "Time is of the essence to educators, particularly to those in K-12. The analysis and use of data should be an integral part of every classroom. However, teachers should not have to become statisticians in order to make decisions based on data. This is how GradeWrite came about."

As a grade-book program, GradeWrite has many features. Among them is the ability to: incorporate standards into any assignment, analyze student performance on assignments and the ability to generate various reports. "We felt that it was important to provide a solution that addresses a need, is reliable, and most importantly, is easy to use," said Robert Joseph, Ph.D, the President of VizMotion. "Although our primary customers are in the K-12 market, corporate training organizations as well as tutoring organizations are potential clients as well. Our model for GradeWrite is also one which allows districts to customize the software to their specific needs."

"There is nothing like GradeWrite out there," said Sadie Brown, retired Principal of Pinellas County, Florida. "What I like most about GradeWrite is the fact that it does not require teachers to do any additional work other than keeping their gradebooks. It's also very easy to use."

Since its release, GradeWrite has been deployed or evaluated in close to 200 districts across the United States and abroad. "We are pleasantly surprised at the response in such a short time frame, but I think it really speaks to the needs of our clients." said Mr. Charles. "GradeWrite is a very unique product with very unique strengths. We look forward to helping educators address the learning needs of as many children as possible."

About VizMotion Inc.

VizMotion, a privately owned company, is a leading developer of tools for FileMaker Pro and handheld technologies. Software products from VizMotion include VizSync Memo Pad (a PDA conduit that enables users to share and transfer notes with a shared FileMaker Pro database) and the "Idea Manager,"

For more information about VizMotion Inc., contact (404) 250-0268 or visit www.vizmotion.com.

About Math Learning Institute, Inc.

Math Learning Institute, a privately owned company, is a leading provider of workshops for educators in the data analysis arena. Their workshop products address the needs of educators who are in need of classroom management systems.

For more information about Math Learning Institute, Inc., contact (303) 690-0699 or visit mathlearningi.com

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