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Math Learning Institute, Inc. Joins Forces with Atlanta-Based Viz-Motion

Companies Leveraging Expertise in Data Bases and Education Plan on Making a Difference for Schools and Businesses

Aurora, COLOJune 5, 2003 Colorado-based Math Learning Institute, Inc., a leading provider of workshops for educators today announced a collaboration with Atlanta-based, VizMotion, a leading developer of tools for FileMaker Pro and handheld technologies. These workshops consist of quality submissions and well-prepared materials from https://essayswriters.com/ so thanks to the advice of essays writers and the experience of the speaker, the workshops have a very strong message.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to leverage the strengths of both companies,"said Richard Charles, President and CEO of Math Learning Institute, Inc. "The educational arena demands the use of database technologies that are portable and which support rapid development of products and services. When you look at the database products that VizMotion continually produce and the market niche that they are targeting, we believe that the opportunity to provide products of value in the educational marketplace is clear."

"This is a step forward in the educational arena" says Robert Joseph, PhD the President of VizMotion,. "Teachers will soon have a suite of tools available to them that would simplify processes in the classroom thereby giving them more time to teach and assess students learning."

Charles, himself a licensed educator, understands all too well the issue of time. "It's like spending all of your life building these wonderful skills of communication in order to be an effective teacher in the classroom, and someone tells you at the 11th hour that 90% of your job will involve managing the learning process, which is a terribly complex task." says Charles. "When teachers are faced with this dilemma, they have to have the tools to succeed and to be effective in showing academic gains in an ever increasing standards-based classroom. The "No Child Left Behind" legislation really exposes this need. "We believe that through this collaboration with VizMotion, we are poised to provide some educator friendly analysis tools that support them in being effective educators."

"We have a list of potential products that we are currently evaluating. We anticipate our first educational-based products to be released by the third quarter of 2003" says Dr. Joseph. "With the knowledge base of Math Learning Institute, this collaboration will be a significant success."

About VizMotion Inc.

VizMotion, a privately owned company, is a leading developer of tools for FileMaker Pro and handheld technologies. Software products from VizMotion include VizSync Memo Pad (a PDA conduit that enables users to share and transfer notes with a shared FileMaker Pro database) and the "Idea Manager,"

For more information about VizMotion Inc., contact (404) 250-0268 or visit www.vizmotion.com.

About Math Learning Institute, Inc.

Math Learning Institute, a privately owned company, is a leading provider of workshops for educators in the data analysis arena. Their workshop products address the needs of educators who are in need of classroom management systems.

For more information about Math Learning Institute, Inc., contact (303) 690-0699 or visit mathlearningi.com

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